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To Be(Mo) Free

Just a few thoughts on my journey towards freedom; spiritual, emotional, financial, cultural or whatever...

On Dirty Live-Bred in Love
When I began this endeavor to build a production company, I made it my creed to be authentic in my approach, development, and manifestation of ideas. To compromise against this creed would be to align with a standard that is critically different from my vision. It was my pleasure to build the Dirty Live brand with authenticity. In the spirit of love, BeMo Productions has decided to leave the Dirty Live team. 
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Bryant Brown
Random Prose [Edited From]

"....Fuck her and her power points."

Kniggas be talkin’ with nothing to say. Bombast syllabus, grouped incoherently to simulate sentences. Fools find knowledge in their diluted diction and wisdom in their hallow history. When did kniggas stop trying to be the smartest person in the room? When did kniggas become too arrogant for education? When did kniggas develop an allergy for prosperity?

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