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To Be(Mo) Free

Just a few thoughts on my journey towards freedom; spiritual, emotional, financial, cultural or whatever...

On Dirty Live-Bred in Love

When I began this endeavor to build a production company, I made it my creed to be authentic in my approach, development, and manifestation of ideas. To compromise against this creed would be to align with a standard that is critically different from my vision. It was my pleasure to build the Dirty Live brand with authenticity. In the spirit of love, BeMo Productions has decided to leave the Dirty Live team. 

I love what I do; creating ideas and molding them into commercial products. These ideas manifest through several media but the most authentic ideas are bred in love.  When you build with love, your ideas can interact with your audience and together create a product that is consumable. When you build with fear, desperation tints your actions and cowardice constricts your imagination.

From social media posts, emails, press releases,  and targeted marketing strategies to graphic design, print design, photo shoots, publication development and editing to relationship building, demographic research, professional consultation and countless conversations, I have invested time, capital, and relationships in an idea for Dirty Live that was bred in love. For the individuals and institutions that supported Dirty Live, I say thank you for that love. I’m sorry that this idea did not match the investment. Stay tuned to and follow @bemobrown for updates on what’s next.


Bryant Brown