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To Be(Mo) Free

Just a few thoughts on my journey towards freedom; spiritual, emotional, financial, cultural or whatever...

My Book-bag has an Existential Crisis

I saw a guy on the train with the same backpack as mine. I’ve never seen another person with this bag. His life and his book bag seem to be the opposite of mine but identical in design. I attest that items can experience memories and that the essence of life is the marriage of time and experience. While not animated, I believe that life is not qualified by biological function. I also attest that death is not an experience of conclusion but rather transformation. When I die, does my book bag cease to exist? Not only in form but function. The physical is easy to notice, even easier when visually observing a reflection. When “dead,” the physical transforms into other biological organisms. And the sucker question is “what happens to you” in death. More importantly, what happens to dead ideas, thoughts, concepts, opportunities. What energy is created when those transform? I attest they become a foundational strength.

This guy on the train with a book bag identical in design to mine has a different life than mine but in some sense we are similar. Most notably, preference. But how could a person as opposite as I have the same preference and still exist? Is it that preference is an action? Two individuals with varying foundations yet still act in a parallel manner? Is preference not an outcome of socialization, our families, our religion, our culture, our education? How could preference be an action?  If a preference is an action then preference can be controlled. Do people prefer negativity? Is my foolish optimism deemed grandiose? Does humanity have a chance? How can this be true?

He walks off the train. I see an added detail to his bag. One that seems unfamiliar and inefficient. I check to see if my bag matches. It doesn’t. All is right with philosophy.

Bryant Brown